Szkolenie ALL ON TWO w Monachium

5 września dr Żurek będzie uczestniczył w bardzo ciekawym szkoleniu które odbędzie się w Monachium w gabinecie profesora Markusa Hurzelera.

Temat szkolenia to „All on two”.Czyli przeprowadzenie terapii  implantologicznej mającej na celu odbudowe brakującego zęba minimalnie inwazyjnej odbywającej się na dwóch wizytach.


The demands placed on implant therapy have become very complex. Be-ginning with implant insertion, the precise position for optimal probing and oral hygiene which take place later must be considered. Furthermore, the demands placed on the design of the soft tissue collars in the functional area are even greater. However, these complex demands on implant therapy involve pain, longer treatment times and higher costs for patients. So, this raises the question of whether we can solve these problems by applying a different perspective to implant therapy. In this course, we will start off by redefining the objectives of modern implant therapy. In the first step, we will highlight the biological factors that have become more and more important in recent years. Then we fulfill the patient’s desire for a shorter treatment time and reduce the number of appointments without losing sight of the result. This must be equally as good as conventional therapy. We must provide a solution for these conflicting areas, where the expectations of patients are high and the possibilities of modern implant therapy exist, all while placing the
patients at the heart of the treatment.
With the All-in-Two treatment concept, all these factors can be optimized in just two treatment appointments for the benefit of the patient. This concept combines:
· Clinically proven implants with prosthetic solutions for screw-retained restorations that are easy to insert and clean and are, in the long run, durable.
· An optimized treatment workflow, from very detailed planning through the temporary to final restoration. A workflow with analog or full digital implementation with the objective of limiting the number of procedures and, thus, also the costs.
10.00 „What does modern implant therapy need to achieve?”
11.00 „What do patients expect from modern implant therapy?”
12.00 „Do options already exist that meet the expectations our patients have of modern implanttherapy?”
13.00 Break.
13.30 „The new treatment concept all-in-two – analog and digital” a variety ofclinical situations and the new surgical and prosthetic approaches.
14.30 „Prothetic hands-on – analog and digital”.
15.30 Question and answer session/discussion.
16.15 End.
The event complies with the guidelines and recommendations of the German Dental Association (BZÄK) for continuing dental education.
The points-based evaluation is made in accordance with the BZÄK and the German Society for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine (DGZMK).
8 continuing education credit points are awarded at the even.


Jest współtwórcą patentu na materiał pochodzenia allogennego służącego do pokrywania mnogich recesji dziąsłowych bez konieczności pobierania przeszczepu dziąsła z podniebienia, a także autorskiego zestawu narzędzi mikrochirurgicznych. Obecnie jest pracownikiem Katedry Chirurgii Stomatologicznej Wrocławskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego. Zajmuje się szeroko rozumianą periodontologią, implantologią oraz leczeniem periimplantitis. Szczególnie specjalizuje się w przeszczepach dziąseł.

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